Guide and Resource for Christian Living Marriage and Family

Exchange of Vows


In the Gospel of Mark Jesus says: “What God has joined together, no human being must separate” (Mk 10:9) The ultimate challenge that comes with the exchange of vows. – Page 7 and the Bible

An Informed Christian Conscience

man-and-woman-talking-2An informed Christian conscience is both the capacity for truth and obedience to the truth, which manifests itself to anyone who seeks it with an open heart.. (Page 51)

Pope Benedict XVl, Address to Roman Curia, 20 December 2010

guys-high-five-croppedThe Bishops make a distinction between deep friendships between men and men and women and women which can be noble and life-giving… and sexual acts with members of the same sex. – Page 165

Sexual acts are not in accord with the true meaning…, dignity… and purpose… of human sexuality. It has been the constant teaching of the Church from the beginning… (CCC 2357-2359)

What do you think about constant teachings?

elitedaily_cryingwoman3-485x323There are times however when separation or civil divorce may be the only way forward eg where there is violence and physical abuse in the family.

The Catholic Church teaches that where a civil divorce has become necessary … the “marriage” remains valid. The Church accepts people who are divorced and remarried however they are not admitted to Holy Communion: the irrevocable character of God’s love that the Church celebrates. Mk 10:9

Tough statement…..What is your opinion?

With God’s Grace …

love12With God’s grace most people are capable of exercising responsibility, self-discipline and self-control! -Page 65
“ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE…. LOVE… Love…. love” A great way to read this book “God, Love, Life and Sex” is in a faith sharing/youth group or with your family……

How Teen Sex Threatens Our Sons and Daughters


Did you know that in South Africa, children younger than ten years of age are becoming sexually active? (The Star 18 April 2011) – Endnotes Page 221: 10-15

Dr Meg Meeker MD has written a book worth reading… Your Kids at Risk: How Teen Sex Threatens Our Sons and Daughters (pp 108-122)

date_night_visualWhen we consider the respect and dignity that Jesus expects us, his followers, to have for both women and men, we become aware of the times when we, as Church, have failed to express these attitudes.

In what way has scripture influenced your awareness of the need for a change in attitude? Is there a particular passage that has touched you in this regard? Reflect, Respond, Journal and Pray…

Marriage in Church is a Profound Sacrament

catholic-wedding-songs.jpgThe last section in Chapter 6 of the Guide and Resource for Christian Living Marriage and Family the book “God, Love, Life and Sex, published by the SACBC looks at Civil and Traditional Marriage for Catholic Christians both these forms of marital union are not sacramental marriages, until Christ has been invited into their lives, through the Sacrament of Marriage. – Page 88

Marriage in Church is a profound sacrament and should not be seen as merely an added blessing to the Traditional ceremony or the Civil union.

Some thoughts on this? Agree or disagree? In the light of what you have discussed so far how does this statement touch your life?