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homosexuality-USE.svg_Our love and understanding for people with the same-sex attraction is challenged in Chapter 12 – Page 164 – 165

Homosexuality is a contoversial and emotive topic today – however in ‘The Message’ section of the book, God, Love, Life and Sex our Bishops put forward a real challenge of acceptance and love.

“Many same-sex relationships are based on real friendship which always enriches people’s lives” In both the Bible and in the history of the Church we find deep and meaningful relationships.

Among the better known same-sex friendships in the Bible is the story of David and Saul’s son Jonathan (1Samuel 18:1-5) and St Gregory and St Basil – the Bible and church history

Do you know of any homosexual people?  Do you know how they really live their lives of love?  Have you reached out to a gay or lesbian couple and offered friendship and love?


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