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Pastoral Priority



We have been following some ideas from the book “God, Love, Life and Sex” and have been looking at what the Bishops of the Catholic Church in Southern Africa consider to be a ‘pastoral priority’.

A priority is “a thing more important than others” – For reflection: what does “pastoral” mean? How does marriage, contraception and conscience become a pastoral concern?

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 3.45.36 PMThe Church’s teaching on sexual intercourse has always been guided by two basic principles:

• The proper place for sexual intercourse, the genital expression of love, is in the marriage between a man and a woman only;

• That such intercourse must also always be open to new life.

Even if some Catholics are confused and may be of a different opinion, the Catholic Church can never, and will never, change its basic teaching and its practice concerning marriage.

Comments, views and feelings…..

Care and Concern for the Suffering and Dying

hospital-care-concern-400x400“All Christians are called to promote and practice loving care and concern for the suffering and the dying” Page 130-131

We are always invited to reflect our life experiences in the light of what the Word of God is saying to us today, (“the word of God is living and effective” Heb 4:12) read Mathew’s Gospel chapter 25:35-40 carefully – how do these words of Jesus enhance/strengthen the quote from God, Love Life and Sex? And how do they impact on your life today?

What is the challenge for you? If we are never challenged, we fail to “do” transformation, conversion… and to grow in the likeness of God.

All Human Life is in God’s Hands

Alzheimer's disease patient Tomaz sits in an armchair in her house in LisbonThe Church teaches that all human life is in God’s hands and no one has the right to deliberately end their own life or the life of anyone else. God is close the those who are suffering and their lives are very precious in God’s eyes. Page 123-125

God is working within them for their good until their last breath….

How do you think God works within us? It is through meditation and prayer that we “hear” God’s word. Read and reflect on the Letter of James 5:13-16. Share your thoughts and insights!

Calls to be Apostles of Life

eGljZmR6MTI=_o_project-truth-unborn-child-in-the-wombChapter 7 ends with a challenge for all who walk the path of discipleship “Calls to be apostles of life” – Page 102-105

The child in the womb is already a unique individual person… totally dependent on the mother for survival. Become part of the solution…. READ THE BOOK – become informed – take responsibility!

Keep Calm Because God has a Plan

SAMSUNGRelax… God has a plan” – we are guided and challenged into that plan by God’s love… in and through… our life experience.

The Sacred Scriptures tell us the story of God’s love, and, how in and through this love, we become part of the plan.

“But now, thus says the Lord, who created you and formed you: Fear not for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name and you are mine” Is 43,1 – I know the plans… (Jer 29:11)

Another ah-ha moment!

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.53.30 PMAnother ah-ha moment! – It does not prevent pregnancy but postpones or avoids it for a time and for a good reason – page 28

Two questions for reflection: “What is the difference between preventing pregnancy and avoiding pregnancy?” and “What would a ‘good time’ or a ‘good reason’ be?”

Are you keeping a journal of your reflections? Are you able to chat with someone about these challenging ideas?

Metaphors of Marriage

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.47.11 PM

In the Old Testament the analogy or metaphor of marriage is frequently used to describe God’s very special love for God’s people. (See Hos 2:21-22; Is 62:4-5) – Page 6 and The Bible

What word… or words… or line… stand out for you? How does it make you feel?