Guide and Resource for Christian Living Marriage and Family



The most urgent pastoral priorities for the Catholic Church in Southern Africa have been identified as:  marriage and family life, faith formation of the laity and youth ministry.

God, Love, Life and Sex is a book that addresses these issues in a practical and challenging way, inviting the reader to re-examine his/her ideas of life, relationships and human sexuality.

It is based on the teachings of the Scriptures, Vatican Council ll, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and several recent documents of the Popes and the Holy See, offering a new interpretation of Christian values for marriage and family

Written by our Catholic Bishops in consultation with members of the lay community, God, Love, Life and Sex belongs to you!

The topics are relevant for today and are addressed to the youth, couples who are soon to be married, as well as couples already married. Priests, Deacons, catechism teachers and people in the role of youth leadership will find comprehensive information to work with encouraging new insights and hope for the future.

As a guide and resource book it will be useful for confirmation programmes, RCIA candidates and many other faith formation initiatives, where ideas and concepts of living a Christian life are challenged… in our homes, schools and communities.

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